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Kosha Clinics – Your Trusted Neighbourhood Pharmacy

Welcome to Kosha Clinics, where healthcare meets convenience. Our pharmacy services are designed to streamline your medication management, ensuring you have access to quality pharmaceutical care right at your fingertips.

Prescription Fulfillment:

   – Swift and accurate prescription filling to ensure you have the medications you need when you need them.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications:

   – A comprehensive selection of OTC medications, vitamins, and supplements to address common health needs.

Medication Counseling:

   – Personalized consultations with our experienced pharmacists to provide guidance on medication usage, potential side effects, and interactions.

Medication Synchronization:

   – Coordinating your prescription refills to align with your schedule, making medication management simpler and more efficient.

Specialty Medications:

   – Access to a wide range of specialty medications, with support services to assist you in navigating complex treatment plans.


   – Convenient immunization services to keep you and your family up-to-date on vaccines and protected against preventable diseases.

Health and Wellness Products:

   – A curated selection of health and wellness products, including first aid supplies, personal care items, and more.

What Sets Us Apart:

Experienced Pharmacists:

   – Our team of pharmacists brings years of experience, ensuring you receive expert guidance and care.

Personalized Service:

   – We believe in a personalized approach. Our staff takes the time to understand your needs, providing tailored solutions for your health.

Medication Adherence Programs:

   – Customized programs to enhance medication adherence, helping you stay on track with your prescribed regimen.

Advanced Technology:

   – We leverage cutting-edge pharmacy technology to enhance efficiency and accuracy in prescription processing.

Online Prescription Refills:

   – Effortless refills through our online platform, allowing you to manage your prescriptions from the comfort of your home.

Delivery Services

Busy schedule? No worries. Our pharmacy delivery service ensures you receive your medications without leaving your home. Simply place your order, and our dedicated delivery team will bring your medications to your doorstep, providing a seamless and stress-free experience.

Why Choose Kosha Clinics?

At Kosha Clinics, we’re more than a pharmacy; we’re your healthcare partner. Our commitment to convenience, expertise, and personalized care sets us apart. Experience the difference with Kosha Clinics, Dehradun and enjoy a new level of accessibility to your healthcare needs.

Welcome to Kosha Clinics

Your health sanctuary. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive healthcare services, ensuring personalized care and well-being.

Experience excellence in medical care at Kosha Clinics, where your health is our priority.

Clinic Address
G4F4 Lord Krishna Crest 53, Subhash Road, Dehradun Pincode: 248 001

+91 7819024241

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